Doing some menu clean up.

With only nine chapters of The White Winds posted, I find the chapter titles—if left as a sub-item to the novel title in the menu—are already running off the page. Not a good thing when there are eighty all told in just the one story! So, in order to simplify matters, I’m removing the menu chapter sub-item links for just the novels. If you click on the novel title, it’ll take you to an index page where you’ll find links to every chapter and, of course, you can navigate to and from each chapter via links at the bottom of each page. The short stories and drabbles will still have their sub-item chapter links as part of the menu as they’re less problematic.

This is all my roundabout way of saying I cleaned up the main, top bar navigation menu for laptops and desktops. The mobile menu (found in the left sidebar) is already simplified—I hope. If you have issues with navigating the site, please feel free to comment in this thread. Your Disqus ID should work here as easily as it does anywhere else.

Still blocking those Italian would-be hackers…

Article by L Bennett

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