I’ll probably come up with a static updates page on the home page for such things but, for now, this will suffice.

Today I finished putting up all the drabbles for my first drabble book, Coffee, Tea and More. If you have no idea what a drabble is, it’s a little story of just 100 words. Not an easy thing where every word has to count! These were written for the Livejournal community 30_beverages and each takes a new prompt from that community’s list–even though some prompts may seem repetitive. Some of them are also cross-prompted (a term I created) with the livejournal communities¬†all_unwritten¬†or fic_simplicity. Fun stuff, connecting ideas like that!

By the way, I’m keeping an eye on any sketchy traffic trying to hack this site and banning potential hackers with extreme prejudice. Consider yourselves warned.