I knew this would happen.

Now? FanFiction.net has put interstitial ad on their page, like the one you get once a day when you come to lj. The difference? THERE IS NO WAY TO X IT OUT. You have to 1. Listen to the video and 2. Do one of the quizzes listed. The page states that ff.net will get $1.40 for every quiz. If you don’t do this, you can’t get to the ff.net pages. They are LOCKED.

I guess this is one of the neat new things that they were crowing about on the home page. /sarcasm

To say I am hopping mad is an understatement. This is beyond annoying. I am contemplating just leaving my stuff there and using Tikatu’s Corner and Fan Nation exclusively (I’d update my stuff at Lunaescence, too.)

There has got to be a better way to generate income. How about reinstating the paid subscriber option? If it meant going without ads of any kind – and it was reasonable – I’d be willing to plunk for it. I did before. At this point, I’m more willing to donate to the other two sites and keep them running. They, at least, are pretty much ad-free.

Locking up the intellectual property of thousands of people? NOT COOL to the nth degree. What can we do to convince them of this?

ETA: I was able to get to the pages later on. I guess it shows up just once a day, regardless of whether or not you do their stupid survey. Still, it was highly annoying and I figure I’ll be using Firefox (and Adblocker) for viewing FanFiction.net.