The World filter – someone doesn’t like it

Someone has left a couple of anonymous reviews on The White Winds, as well as on my friend TimeGuardian’s latest story, excoriating me for putting my movie-verse story in the TV-verse section using the World filter. I think I know who it is: someone who has very recently returned to the fandom after several years away, and who thinks the movie sucks. She’s also someone who I went head to head with at a fandom RP. Because she’s been out of the fandom, she obviously doesn’t know the history of the movie section and the World filter.

And other than TimeGuardian (who I encouraged in a review to move her story to the TV section using the filter), I’m the only author she’s gone after, and The White Winds is the only story she’s “reviewed”.

I’ve removed the reviews, explained the whole thing on my profile, and discussed it with TimeGuardian on the Classic Thunderbirds Forum. I’ve also disabled anonymous reviews. I don’t need this kind of crap, nor will I put up with it.