New Story – Lacey’s First Snow

Realized that some people aren’t part of livejournal, so they can’t see the little tidbits I’m writing that aren’t fandom specific. So here they are. Wrote this double drabble for prompt #136 at livejournal’s all_unwritten community. The prompt: Footprints in the snow.

Snow… as rare as hens’ teeth here, and well outside the puppy’s ken. I took her out for her morning ablutions, holding tight to the leash, slowing her so she didn’t slip on the icy steps and pull me down with her. The fine icy crust crunched beneath her paws and she stopped, then took a step or two, more cautious than before. Rain she knew, but this cold, wet, noisy stuff was different, and yet to be explored.

The cats had already left tracks: petite, half-filled indentations in the white blanket. Now the puppy slowly padded along in their wake, her nose to the ground. An unexpected inhalation of moisture made her sneeze. I chuckled, watching her childlike discovery of this new environment, hearkening back to my human children’s first encounters and the delight they still derived from the snow’s magic.

Finally, her internal urges pressed hard, and she squatted, leaving a patch of yellow stain. A few hurried strides further away and she satisfied another, even less pleasant, need. Her body’s demands met, she bounded back to me, leaving lines of paw prints in the snow then on the floors as we hurried inside to the warmth.