Finally, recognition!

Kind of late to blog this but I haven’t put it up at my lj either.
On August 27 or 28, I was named a "Featured Member" at FanLib! I am so chuffed!  I haven’t had a featured fic yet, but I have been a "Featured Reviewer" three times. I’ve gotten involved in the forums, and in reviewing stuff outside of my fandom – I even reviewed for the Harry Potter contest. I’ve also gotten involved in the critique group, though I haven’t figured out which story of mine I want them to critique. 
I like FanLib a lot, even though the hit count levels there are still pretty low. Thunderbirds is still in the top 10 and I’m trying to get more good authors there to post their stuff (like Rain). The forums are really hopping, and the staff is on top of things.
Need to get back to work on my stories. The Overtures gang has been giving me plot bunnies, but for further down the line. I have a lot to do to finish up The White Winds, too. And believe it or not, my NaNo novel’s been calling, too. Read throught what I had the other day. Half of it is first person present, the other in first person past. Can’t decide whether or not to keep it first person or change it to third person omniscient. At this point, I’m thinking my NaNo for this year will be fanfiction, and not original. But don’t tell my family that!