Rainy days are good for naps…

And that’s exactly how I feel this afternoon: like taking a nap. The window in the livingroom is open to let the cool, damp air in… and give a watching post for one of the cats. The kids are either playing on the PS2 or watching a sibling play. Boy #1 made monkey bread at my request; strangely enough, even with all the sugar, I was shaky and didn’t have an appetite. That usually happens with low blood sugar, not high.

I got chapter 53 of The White Winds up in the wee hours of this morning. Now it’s on to chapter 54 as soon as I’m awake enough to continue. We’ve brought aboard a new character at the RP; a firefighter who will be an asset, and whose player will learn from playing with us, too. I can think of someone who won’t be so happy about it, though.

Found out that I’d won the birthday prize at the beautiful music station yesterday… yeah, I’m also now another year older. The family took me out to dinner and Boy #1, who was named "Student of the Month" for Related Arts at school, gave me the personal CD player he won. I’m the only person in the family who didn’t have one!! I’ll find out what the prize from the radio station is on Monday; I’d know now if I’d remembered to listen to their birthday announcements yesterday. I also thought about driving out to see my name on their lighted, scrolling marquee – the day’s winner usually goes there. But I passed up the opportunity, mainly because I didn’t remember it until 11 p.m. or later, and I wanted to finish up the chapter.

I think I’ll publish this and head for a nap. Boy #1 can call his friends, then the Girl can go online for a bit if I’m still asleep. Don’t have to worry about Hubby; he’s got the car.

Later if the muse moves.