Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!!

Yes, the Girl is now sweet sixteen! Kinda hard to believe it, but it’s true! We haven’t done anything really special as of yet, but we did take her to a Chinese buffet after her youngest brother’s team was eliminated in "Battle of the Books" (first year that his school has done it and they actually did quite well!).

She wants a good digital camera; they’re still pretty pricey so we’re thinking about it. Hubby has suggested a particular art book that he read about, one that deals with perspective. It’s a possibility. He had the day off but didn’t get a whole lot done. Brought the AC units into the house (yes, it’s that warm), but didn’t get any put in windows. He did manage to mow the front lawn before the sun set completely; we’re supposed to get thunderstorms and showers for the next three days and the lawn needed it.

Not much more to say. TWW Chapter 53 is moving along; I expect to post it this weekend. More as the muse moves!