What constitutes a teenager’s bad day…

I went shopping today, and bought lots and lots of groceries (we were out of a lot of stuff!). Boy #2, being home first, hauled in all the groceries that I hadn’t dragged in myself (i.e. everything but the frozen and fridge stuff I bought). Because he had dragged in the bags, his brother and sister were required to put everything else away. The Girl was not pleased by this prospect.

So, Boy #1 asks about a bottle of "weird sweet and sour sauce" I’d purchased (it was Asian week at Aldi last week) and I told him where I’d got it. Then I added that this week was Mexican, and that the spicy hot, breaded chicken breast fillets they liked so much were available, and that I’d bought some and was planning on having them for supper.

This made The Girl say, "Yay! Something good on this bad day!"

I asked, "Did you have a bad day at school?"

"No, not at school. But the bus was noisy and hot; I had to put all this stuff away when I got home… and I’m wearing PINK!"

I guess that constitutes a bad day for a teenaged girl…