Another 1 million word milestone

Uploaded a chapter of Overtures last night, the first one in months. Went to check my user stats this morning, and lo, I’ve hit the 1 million word mark at Whew! Never knew I was so wordy… well, yeah, I did.

Worked a little on my novel last week, and am working on drabbles for the Classic Thunderbirds Showcase challenge. Have three out of ten done so far and I’m trying to figure out how to fit the prompt "Power Outage" from fic simplicity into one of the challenge prompts. I suppose I could use the prompt "baking" but that’s really too easy.

Need to get working on some more stuff. The RP is humming along pretty well, despite the drama over Kat’s dismissal. Just need to figure out which fic to focus on, and fit the rest of the drabbles in when I have time.

So many words… so little time.