Woo Hoo! I’ve broken 10K!

I am psyched! I made it past 10K words on my NaNoWriMo novel today. Finally, the stories of the characters in my head are being told! I did over 3K words just today! I mean, I did that kind of work near the end of Masquerade, but not since then.
There’s so much story to tell, and the more I write, the clearer the characters become. So far, Joy has developed a bit of a self-involved streak, something I hadn’t planned for her. Julio is one mixed up dude. Kevin? He’s losing his marbles. Marcus is a nice guy, but then, I knew that. Elise and Siobhan are getting to know one another; it’s hard to keep Elise from assuming what Siobhan’s problem is. Ming is having to do some things that will disturb her, but she’s between a rock and a hard place. And Alain is terribly bitter, and terribly frightened, especially since he’s seen Joy. Snitch has found his way into the story, but the main villain hasn’t revealed himself. He has power, and I think he wants more. That may be his motivation.
Still, the main focus has been on Siobhan and Elise. That’s where I spend the 3K words today. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the others justice as well. Elise hasn’t encountered any flaws yet; perhaps it’s the matter of her wanting to bond with Siobhan and presenting herself as someone to look up to. She has gotten a bit officious, and has made Siobhan a bit uneasy with her. Do not want her to be a paragon but she could so easily fall into that trap. And I hope I’m writing Siobhan as a 12 year old.
I’m thinking of posting it, in this rough, first draft form, on live journal. Not sure if I want to. I’d clean up the SPAG, and invite comments. I might even make it public…. shudders at the thought of a certain group making comments on it. But, I need to know if it’s good, and I don’t want to post it at fictionpress. Not yet, anyway. I could do lunaescence or FicWad.  We’ll see.
In any case, I think I’m a little bit ahead of where I should be. Wish I could put my little bar thingy here, but I don’t think MSN allows for those widgets. Fortunately, live journal does, so I’ll go cross post this there.
Later as my muse moves. 

Article by Tikatu

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