30 drabbles, all done!

Somehow the dam broke last night, and I managed to get the last four done within about 2 hours.  Had to watch a bit of "Trapped In The Sky" to finish #30, but it was worth it.

Now, to turn my attention to The White Winds. Gotta get a chapter out before NaNo starts. Hopefully this has knocked some sense into my muse!

Oh, and while I was describing what I wanted to do with the John Tracy one (it’s a riot, really; takes off on the Tang one), I gave the Girl an artistic plot bunny. She ran off, making incoherent noises and came back sometime later with a pencil sketch of a chibi John drinking from a juice box, his face a study of bliss. It’ll be great when she gets it inked and all. And I promise I’ll post it!

more as the muse moves

Article by Tikatu

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