Here’s today’s entry

Did fasting blood sugar counts yesterday morning and this morning; it’s in the 90s and that’s pretty good. I really should take it again maybe after picking Boy #2 up from school; see what one measly brownie and some exercise do to the blood glucose levels.  My feet aren’t as bad as they had been. The pain has been easing off slightly and slowly; I’m definitely not "dancing" as much. FYI: the "neuropathy dance" is the bouncing that my feet do, quite unconsciously at times, to try and ease the burning pain from the neuropathy. It’s almost like I’m keeping time to some unheard, very fast music. The bouncing isn’t from heel to toe, but toe to heel, so my knees are bouncing, too. I also unconsciously rub my legs near the knee. That habit has a specific name, which I’ll ETA when I remember what it is, but it’s supposed to release endorphins that help mute the pain lower down. Does it work? Don’t really know.

Been thinking about my WIPs and NaNoWriMo. I think I’ll put them on hiatus for the month, and post my drabbles, one per day, through that month. This means I need to finish up the claim, and get at least two chapters of each under my belt (probably more of The White Winds). That way, I’ll have a chapter to post before November, and one to post when NaNoWriMo is over. The drabbles will keep people happy for the month… I hope.

More as the muse moves, and I remember the term for that rubbing thing.

ETA: haven’t gotten a handle on that name, other than it’s a "referred" sort of rub. Interesting little article in Wiki about massage techniques, though what I’m doing is far from a massage.

Took my BG reading when I got home from the walk. It was 140, at the top of the target range for two hours after a meal. Not bad, especially considering I’d finished my coffee just before leaving the house.

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