So, that’s what a stress test is…

Had a stress test this morning. Never had one before though I heard my dad talk about them.  My new GP had been concerned about something he’d seen in my initial EKG so he scheduled me for one.

They hooked me up to the computer, got my readings while lying down, standing up, and finally, on the treadmill. It took me all of one minute to reach my heart rate goal. This concerned Dr. L. very much (I should think it would) and he couldn’t decide whether it was because I was out of shape (which I am, sadly) or because of a heart condition/arterial blockage. In the end he "passed" me, but he said it was with a C or a D instead of an A or a B. He wants me to get into some more aerobic exercise (which walking Boy #2 to school is at the moment) but he has warned me that since he has no real idea if I have some blockage somewhere I could throw a clot and die! Wonderful way to make me want to sit still and do nothing.

He also says I’m anemic, which my GYN had mentioned, and was treating with iron pills. He wants to "watch me closely" which is a good thing, I suppose. I go back in a month.

In other news, I’ve finally updated The White Winds. The cliffhanger is making people scream! I love it!

More as my muse moves.