School’s started and it’s too quiet around here

Well, well, well! I can finally update! It’s about time MSN!
Yeah, today school started, and it’s really quiet here. I’ll probably head out in a bit to get a haircut and pick up the groceries I hadn’t had time to get last week. But the only noise – other than an occasional cat meowing at me – is the air conditioner humming away.
We went to the zoo in Columbia yesterday. It was the last day of freedom for the kids, and Hubby had the day off, so we took my mom and the Niece and headed south. My mom’s knees are basically bone-on-bone right now, and this makes it difficult for her to walk, so once we got down there, we rented a wheelchair for her so she could keep up. It worked pretty well; Hubby and I took turns pushing. The weather was hot and humid, with a mostly overcast sky. We even got rained on twice, which made everything even more humid than before. But we did have a good time. The kids fed a giraffe (the thing was right up next to us; I hope to have pictures) and they fed the lorikeets (a sort of parakeet bird but bigger and more colorful). We didn’t get to the botanical gardens because of time constraints (Dad forgot that we were supposed to go to the zoo and made dinner arrangements…). Maybe next year.
Right now, the kids have started their first day of school. Both Boy #1 and the Girl took the bus today; with the price of gasoline the way it is and the longer trip out to the middle school, it really is a necessity. We went to the “back to school” and “picking up textbook” functions. The place where the middle school will be residing until renovations and additions are done isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s also not as far out as I’d expected. Boy #2 didn’t get the teacher we’d hoped for; she transferred down to 2nd grade. I walked him to school today, my attempt at getting some exercise. Hopefully I can keep up with it and really drop some of this weight.
Haven’t heard from Mom or Dad today. They’re probably down at my bro’s house. Dad committed himself to helping bro and SIL put tile down on their bathroom floors. One of those is already complete and it looks great! I’m glad that ours is finally down once again and we have the sink back in the bathroom. Now to finish grouting the walls and clean everything up. This project has taken a whole lot longer than I expected or wanted it to. I’m looking forward to having a decent bathroom… but it may not be done until Christmas at this rate!
Well, going to head out and get that haircut. Haven’t been doing much writing over the last few days, a combination of neuralgia and just plain busyness to blame there. But I will. I have to.
More later if the muse moves (and MSN cooperates).