A productive day all around!

Did a lot of writing today, between washing, drying, folding and sorting loads of clothes, and stripping then remaking my bed. Managed to get two posts written for IR:TNP today, one written last night went up, so I had three in all. Wrote a quick drabble on Grandma Tracy, and finished chapter 35 of The White Winds as well, and posted both. I even started a little bit of my "Tracy Daughter" fic (actually, she was bugging me so much that I had to write her introduction). I have an idea for the next two posts at IR:TNP, both of which are mine anyway, and I may even write the first one up.

All of this in ten hours. From 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. with breaks for laundry, eating, and greeting (as Boy #2’s friend had him over to his house for the evening).

Mondays end up being so productive… so what happens the rest of the week?

ETA: Make that two drabbles! Funny how a plot bunny bites… at least with a drabble, it’s a quick fix!

Article by Tikatu

Tikatu is the long-time alter-ego of L.D. Bennett. She enjoys cat naps, head bumps, and regaling the world with the further adventures of International Rescue.