Another chapter up!

Got another chapter of The White Winds up today. Boy, was I thankful for Hobbeth! She saved my bacon by reminding me that one of the characters had discussed a certain matter earlier. Fortunately, I didn’t have a whole lot of rewriting to do. Thanks, Hobbeth!

I’ve also joined a new community on live journal called 30 beverages. There’s a list of drinks that you’re supposed to write drabbles on. I’ve got two up already (I’ve asked for Thunderbirds as a general series). It’s not easy to write something in only 100 words; not with my verbal diahhrea! But I’ve done it twice so far, so I’m sure I can do it again. I won’t post them to until I’ve finished all 30, but it does give me a little mental palate cleansing between chapters. I may, however, post them to Lunaescence.

I finished posting Masquerade to FicWad. I won’t post Overtures until I finish it. But TWW is going up as its written.

Went to the movies today… for the first time in 20 years! Saw Superman Returns. Awesome movie; the new actor is a worthy successor to Christopher Reeve. And Lex Luthor wasn’t played as broadly campy as Gene Hackman had played him, which was an excellent thing. I saw Noel Neill (the TV Lois) right off, but not Jack Larson (the TV Jimmy Olsen). Very cool film!

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