New furnishings

Well, we did a lot of furniture shopping this past week.
What occasioned it was my insistence that the boys clean their room. They started (haven’t quite finished yet) and one of the things they did was pull the mattress and ruined boxspring off of Boy #2’s bed to get at all of the junk under the bed. The thing had been broken for quite a while, and the cover was coming off little by little. Boy #1 decided that since his sister had her boxspring and mattress on the floor (for the purpose of keeping junk from underneath it) he wanted the same. If he was going to do that, however, they both should, and this would mean moving the girl’s boxspring into the boys’ room, or buying just a boxspring for Boy #2. With the notion of moving the boxspring, Hubby and I went out to look at futons, as it was something that the girl had wanted for a while.
While out and about, we found a different solution: bed frames that had drawers in the bottom. There was no way that junk could get underneath it, and it would give the boys much needed drawer space, as the dresser they’ve been sharing was getting too crowded with their clothes. So, we bought one, and put another on layaway, to be picked up Friday, which was payday. Hubby put the majority of the bed together that night, and Boy #2 had a cool place to sleep. On Thursday, we pulled the one we’d put on layaway out and brought that home. It was assembled, and both boys were happy campers!
We also went out Friday night and looked for futons. Stopping in at Big Lots (on my suggestion) we found a metal frame with a nice, thick mattress. The mattress was the top of the line, much better than anything else we’d found, and I thought that the metal frame would meet with the Girl’s approval. Still, we waited for her to come home from her week at her cousin’s to purchase it.
That was tonight. We bought the frame and mattress (it cost less than a comparable one with wooden arms and an inferior mattress at WalMart) and tomorrow it will be assembled. Then her mattress will go south to my SIL, who needs it, and the box spring? Haven’t decided on that one yet.
We had briefly entertained the thought of going to Michigan. Hubby’s youngest brother called and asked us to come last Wednesday. He even sent money for gas, but really, it was too difficult to drop the plans we’d already made (i.e. finishing the bathroom tile!!). He told us to keep the monies he sent; I have to wonder what his wife will say when she gets back from Germany. Seems that whenever he suggests something like this, she shoots the suggestion down. And that’s a shame, because we’d like to go up there and see the inlaws… including her!
Chapter 33 of TWW is up, and chapter 34 is underway. Got to figure out just how to arrange for the new rescue; the venue has a LOT of failsafes. I think I’ve got to keep going on this one and pick up Overtures after this.
More when the muse moves.

Article by Tikatu

Tikatu is the long-time alter-ego of L.D. Bennett. She enjoys cat naps, head bumps, and regaling the world with the further adventures of International Rescue.