The Last Day Of School! Whee!

Yes, folks! It’s the last day of school here in Greenville County! I am soooo excited! It has been an odd day, to say the least, but not having to get up in the morning to tote the kids around will be so sweet! (At least until next week when Fine Arts camp begins…)

Boy #2’s school had their award ceremony last Thursday. He brought home two awards: All A honor roll, and excellence in computer science. But he’d had his special prize, the coveted limo ride to GattiTown, earlier in the day. It was nice that four kids from his class got to go. His teacher’s doing something right!

Boy #1’s sixth grade awards were this morning, and he made out like a bandit! Highest grade averages in Challenge English/Literature, Social Studies, Science, and Math; certificates for outstanding acheivement in Art, Spanish, Music, and Family and Consumer Science; All A honor roll, and highest Accelerated Reader points. He brought home 6-7 certificates for 5 pc. chicken nuggets from Wendy’s, four movie tickets, some candy, and a gift box from Barnes and Noble for the A.R. points (several books, a CD case, and a $20 gift card). He had 224.4 points, the most in the sixth grade (his sister promptly said, “I had more last year!”). The principal, on seeing me pick up the awards after the program, asked if I was the Boy’s mom, shook my hand, and told me what a wonderful son I had.

The Girl got out at 10:30, after her last final exam, the one in Geometry. She really was unsure of how she did, and I’m not surprised, knowing how much she struggled with it throughout the year. She already knows she got a B in her Global Studies final, but none of the other grades.

No matter what else happens this year, I was – and am – proud of my kids. They have worked hard to get their grades and keep their noses clean. Boy #1 got involved in school in a big way as editor of the 6th grade newsletter and playing Caliban in the Challenge English/Lit class’s production of The Tempest. He was one of the few who both knew his lines by heart and you could actually hear what he was saying.

Right now, the Girl is outside with a stray dog who followed our new neighbors home. He found our yard so much more fascinating when he chased Ink Jet around. Callie came out after him, all poofed up, and looking so fierce! I’m surprised she didn’t land a claw or two on his nose! He went under the house for a while, and when he came out, he came into the house (fascinated by Ink Jet again). We found a rope, put it around his neck, and are waiting for animal control to show up–again. The Girl wants to keep him… but no fence – no dog.

I hope Hubby calls soon. I haven’t done my errands today because of the dog situation, but there’s one that we can do once I pick him up. Wish there was someplace closer with a FAX machine.

More later if the muse moves.

Article by Tikatu

Tikatu is the long-time alter-ego of L.D. Bennett. She enjoys cat naps, head bumps, and regaling the world with the further adventures of International Rescue.