Nasty testing… signifying nothing

Had the NCV and the EMG tests today. The NCV was more painful than I remembered, but the doctor only did the EMG on my left arm, so it wasn’t as bad(though he did manage to raise a goose egg high on my shoulder where he poked the needle in). He’s prescribed a muscle relaxant, and told me it would make me drowsy. Hey, everything I take makes me drowsy! The tests didn’t seem to tell him much more than the neuropathy has progressed in my legs, but still seems mild in my arm. I did ask him about the arterial ultrasound; he said there was no blockage and everything looked good. He hasn’t seen the films for the MRI yet though, and made a note to get them. I’m to go back and see him in a couple of months.

Found a community on Livejournal that investigates accusations of plagiarism. Found it very interesting the amount of time and energy the mods of the community take on their investigations. I understand how much time it takes; it was a long, drawn out process to get "Lucie" shut down. Speaking of whom, I popped into her two formerly MSN sites today (they’re now on another server; all of the "adult" MSN sites were moved there). No signs of plagiarism at either, but then, she’s likely to have other sites that we don’t know about. I hope we managed to impress upon her that plagiarism is wrong, it’s stealing, and we mean business when it comes to defending our materials. I mention this because of the discussion on plagiarism that’s been going on at the CTS forum.

More later as the muse moves.

Article by Tikatu

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