Finally! It’s up. wasn’t allowing uploads for certain people (or perhaps certain categories – I’m not sure which) until this evening. So it took a while for me to get my latest chapter of Overtures up on the site. But now it’s there and I can move on to something else.
I posted my original story "The Dare" at both FicWad and Lunaescence. It had been in the 1000 Word Challenge battle forum at Lunaescence (and in my livejournal),  but it seems that the challenger had a falling out with the mods at Lunaescence and asked that his stories be removed… all of them. That included the one he’d written in the battle. One of the mods at Lunaescence explained the situation to me and asked me what I’d like to do. I told her that I’d post the bit as a story and if she wanted to explain to the boards what happened, that would be good. Which is what we did in the end. I would have just posted the fic if there hadn’t been references to the battle in the thread of the battle that’s currently going on. So everything’s square and cool there.
Hubby hasn’t worked on the floor today. We haven’t heard from his brother yet either, but I’m very sure that he’ll show up at the bus station on Friday. He works like that, and I’m not sure that marriage has changed him that much.
Tomorrow is the Girl’s fifteenth birthday! She’s legally able to take her driver’s permit test, but is nowhere near ready. (Whew!)
But I want to take this opportunity to say:
Happy 15th Birthday, Sweetie!