The mystery deepens….

crossposted from my LiveJournal

Just got back from seeing the neurologist. He said that there were “spots” on my brain, but that those were things that he would expect to see with the diabetes and neuropathy and all. No sign of stroke. I am very grateful for that. He went through my rather extensive file, looking for the other MRI, which I finally remembered as being one of my back and not of my head. For the first time, I felt like he was really listening to me. He did mention that Dr. S, my old neurologist, was a very thorough guy, which I agreed with. I did make it very clear that this happened so fast that I basically freaked out. I think he understood.

In any case, he’s ordered a repeat of some tests I haven’t had in a while: the NCV and the EMG, as well as an arterial ultrasound. He especially wants to see what’s going on with the left arm.  I’m not looking forward to the two in-office tests (NCV and EMG), but I’ve had them before and at least I know what to expect there. The arterial ultrasound will be for the arteries in my neck and doesn’t sound too bad; after all, I’ve had ultrasounds before during pregnancy. This will all happen in the next couple of weeks.

Hubby has the day off; one of his regularly non-scheduled days. His youngest brother called yesterday and left a message saying he wanted to come visit and he’d call back later. Hope he does it soon; he mentioned coming next week! I’m going to try and keep Hubby’s feet to the fire about the bathroom; I’m sick of brushing my teeth over the kitchen sink.

I’m thankful for the friends I have. I need to call K. back and tell her what’s going on. Hobbeth has expressed her concern (thanks so much!), as have many of my other online friends who have heard the news. I haven’t told everyone about it, just those who are close and those who choose to read my blogs. It was a scare, a really tough scare, but I think it has had some good fallout and I may get more answers as more testing is done.