Well, that ordeal’s over…

The MRI ordeal is over. Last time, I felt so claustrophobic in that tube and just begged to be let out after only a couple of minutes. It was an older model (and it was several years ago) and my whole body went inside.  I ended up asking for an open-air MRI (which, truthfully, wasn’t much better since the scanner was still in my face).

This time was better; the scanner was newer, and didn’t seem to be so in my face. My legs stuck out, which was more comfortable. I kept my eyes closed and didn’t totally freak until they were halfway through. My lips and mouth were dry and it was hard to swallow. They brought me out and gave me a drink of water, then Hubby came back with me. He rubbed my leg and that helped me a lot, gave me something to focus on rather than the fact that I was stuck in a tube that was still inches from my eyes. So I got through the whole series of scans. I now have an appointment with the neurologist for tomorrow morning. I’m wondering if the MRI results have anything to do with that.

More later if the muse moves.