Posted something to LiveJournal

I posted my challenge entry in¬†Lunaescence’s 1000 Word Battle Arena as a public entry in my LiveJournal, so those who’d like to read it and don’t want to join Lunaescence can do so. It’s an original fiction; I went with that since so few at Lunaescence know Thunderbirds at all.

Still sniffly, but not quite as bad as before. I haven’t seen my GP yet; and may not… though this has hung on for nearly two weeks now. It doesn’t show any sign of progressing into infection, for which I’m grateful. The Sudafed and the nasal spray (which I’m only taking once a day) seem to be helping, and I can sleep. I even sort of felt like writing¬† yesterday and so beta’d andrewjameswilliams’s latest chapter. I’m planning on working on Overtures and The White Winds today… just got to get the gumption up to face them. If I could dictate straight to the computer – like Jeff Tracy does – then it would be easy. But I have to do this the hard way.

More later if the muse moves.