Still feeling icky.

Yeah, still stuffed up, though not as bad today as last night. Had a really bad night sleeping, and so did Hubby. I finally figured out that the stuff that said it was the same as "Sudafed SE" wasn’t the same ingredient as regular Sudafed (which is probably why it was on the shelves and not behind the pharmacist’s counter, like regular Sudafed needs to be these days) So I sent Hubby out after some this afternoon. He got me the extended relief version. It seems to be helping. I’ll give the nasal spray another try in an hour or so; maybe staying off it for 12 or more hours would keep me from getting the bounceback effect.
I’ve entered a little original fic in the battle thread on the Lunaescence forums. Votes are best three out of five. I’ve got two out of two votes so far, and I keep going back to see who else has voted. I’d like to see all the votes no matter who wins; if there’s something about my fic that needs to be changed or altered, I want to know. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m asking those of you who read this blog for votes. If you’re not a member at Lunaescence, then wait until after the battle is over to become one. I’m just interested in what others think of my story.
I’ve noticed that I’ve started to wear some of the keys on my keyboard down again. I have less than half an "H" left, and roughly 2/3 of "N". "L" is beginning to wear at one end, too. The space bar is smoothing out where I rest my right thumb. I wonder if you can get letter sticker to replace the ones that are wearing off. It would be a cool thing. I’ll have to look around and see what’s available at the scrapbooking places. I do have some letter stickers, but they are blue, not white, and this keyboard is black.
More later as the muse moves.
ETA: The battle is over and I am victorious!!  LOL! Three votes for me. I think the main problem with the other fic was that it was confusing to the reader. Mine was odd… but understandable. At least, that’s the gist from most of the reviewers/judges.