ugh! blech!

This congestion has gotten worse to an extent. I thought I had it licked the other day when I started using nasal spray to clear out my sinus passages. Problem is, you can’t take them for more than three days without getting a “bounceback” effect. In other words, use them too much and you get worse! I think that’s what’s happened to me here. The congestion is worse than it was and now affects both sides of my sinuses. So, the title of this entry tells you how I’m feeling right now. I don’t think I’m going to be doing much of anything today, including writing.

It’s spring break here, and the Girl is spending a few days with her cousin. I thought we would have the Niece up to visit us near the end of next week, but she’s got a project due when break is over and wants to have a few uninterrupted days to do it. Very smart of her, I say.

Finally got around to celebrating Hubby’s birthday last night. We went to a restaurant for dinner and afterwards, took the boys for ice cream and hit Barnes and Noble. My bro and SIL had given Hubby a gift card and he was anxious to spend it! He found a really cool recording of the Comedian Harmonists, a German close harmony group from the 1930s that was banned by Hitler (several of the members were Jewish) and disbanded. The Kings Singers – one of our favorite close harmony groups – did a tribute album to the Harmonists a few years back and Barry Manilow wrote a musical about them (which may or may not have been produced – I’ll have to find out). Just another dubious legacy of Hitler’s regime.

In any case, my coffee is ready so I’m going to take time to enjoy that…. if I can.  More later if the muse moves.