Woo Hoo! 200!

Actually it’s,


That’s the review count on The White Winds!

I am really happy and I feel a sense of accomplishment that one of my works has engendered so many reviews (and that’s just on fanfiction.net!). I don’t think I’ve gotten reviews anywhere else on it.

Now to format the latest chapter (which I posted in the wee hours this morning) to html and post it at FicWad. Then, another “Missing Scene” at Lunaescence.

My eyes are a bit blurry this morning; I had a bad night due to the allergy/cold/whatever this is. I’ll take some more generic Sudafed to try and clear my sinuses. I really must be sick or something; my blood glucose was at an all-time low of 76 this morning. I’ll keep close tabs on it throughout the day.