Little family matters…

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Boy #1 has been home sick with a fever; the second day in a row for him. It struck me this morning that this was probably the result of his vaccination last week; he had a DPT booster. If the fever continues tomorrow, then I’ll call the doctor. It’s not like the fever’s very high or anything, it’s just annoying enough to keep him home from school.

Boy #2 has a basketball practice today. He’s going to play in the Students vs. Teachers game on Thursday. I think he’s going to do better than before because of the season he had at church. He’s got homework to finish before that, though. I hope he can get most of it done before then.

Today is Hubby’s last day off for a while. It has been nice, but I hope he can get the bathtub wall fixed this evening. He had last Friday and Saturday off as another carrier, who had been counting on some overtime, suddenly found himself not scheduled, where he’d been scheduled before. So the safety captain came to Hubby and asked him if he would like a couple days off with pay so that this other carrier could get the overtime. He agreed, and it was approved pretty much on the spot. Then he had Monday off as his regular “non-scheduled day” and to top it all off, he had asked for today off before Friday and Saturday were offered. Of course, the purpose of him being off was to fix the bathroom floor… which still hasn’t happened since he discovered the leak in the tub plumbing was getting the floor wet. Now that the leak is fixed, he needs to fix the wall. The floor can wait until he asks for another day off a couple of weeks down the road. Lord knows he has enough vacation hours to use!

Right now he’s gone to get the Girl. Then I’ll set him to cutting the wallboard before the daylight fails; we still don’t have power on in the garage. And I’ll take Boy #2 to his practice.