Another chapter up and one ready

Finished a chapter of The White Winds yesterday and beta’d it today with Hobbeth. Also got another chapter of Overtures up on the 21st. isn’t allowing uploads, so I posted TWW at FicWad. I think it will get good reviews.
At least now the hit counters are working.
More later.
It’s later. The document manager is still timing out at, a very frustrating occurance. I know I’m not the only one frustrated by this. Well, at least it’s up at FicWad for those who’d like to read it there.
In good news, we have a new player application for IR:TNP. Amanda has applied for the second time, and this time, I think she has a winner. I’ve forwarded it on to Hobbeth and to Rain, and hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon.
Water is off in the house. Robert finished tearing up the bathroom floor, and discovered some wetness under tiles near the bathtub. It was obvious that the leak we’ve had for a long while was leaking onto the floor as well. So he’s taken apart some of the tile wall (hopefully he’ll be able to put a new piece of it in) and has tried to replace some of the innards of the spigots. It hasn’t quite worked yet; water gushes from the tub and from the center shower control when it’s on. I went out and bought gallons of water for drinking and cleaning what we can (I’ll do as many dishes as possible tomorrow), but I may have to take a trip to the laundromat and ask the neighbors to use their shower.
More to add.
Burning Muses has finally been validated at Lunaescence. How about that? They actually added Thunderbirds to the line up. I like the fact that they are a moderated site; so many TBs authors are shunned by TIC (not me; I wouldn’t put my stuff there if paid) that having a moderated site with high standards is a nice switch. It’ll keep me on my toes, that’s for sure! I’ve been posting Father’s Day at FicWad and cleaning it up as I go along, especially since I’ve got to save the chapters as html files. When I can post again at, I think I’ll replace the old chapters with the clean and shiny ones.
I’m even thinking (that dangerous pasttime of mine) of trying to… make the whole business fit together. Father’s Day, Serendipity, Masquerade, Overtures, it’s possible sequel (working title: Covenants), then A Personnel Dilemma, and the rest of the Bekkah Barnes arc… it would mean massive rewrites for B. Barnes though. And I’m thinking of a similar character to fill in a hole in the movie backstory… so many things to consider. I never did get the vacations series off the ground; though I did start the Alan/Jeff story. I might continue it; the idea of posting it as a series of journal entries, emails, and possible IM convos makes for an intriguing idea. Though with the IM convos, I couldn’t post it at
All this and my family wants me to write for money….

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