Got another chapter of Overtures up

And it’s about time, too. My writing has been soooo sluggish lately. I know I need to do it, I know I want to do it, but I can’t get myself to do it. Overtures has been primary in my thoughts, but The White Winds needs updating. Not to mention the places where I RP and the plot synopses I want to do for IR Central. I’ve been doing a lot of betareading lately, some of which has been difficult to do. If anyone else asks me to beta, I’m going to have to turn them down.
Hubby had a friend from his college days call us last week so they could visit. Boy #1 was sick the day he called and into the next day, when he was supposed to visit, so we worked it out that Hubby would meet his friend (with the healthy children) at a restaurant for dinner. It worked out well, I thought, even though I couldn’t be there.
Boy #2 has made friends with a new little boy up the street. So far, so good. They seem to get along well enough. The plants in Boy #1’s tank are growing by leaps and bounds and the whole tank is green again. I don’t know what’s going to clear the water up, I really don’t. I think that maybe lowering the temperature and turning off the lights more during the day will inhibit the growth of algae and the plants. Maybe turning off the air pump, too, from time to time.
Not much more to say. I’ll post again when I feel like it.