I am frustrated, angry, and hurt….

I don’t know how to say this.

The other day as I accessed Thunderbirds World through my bookmark, I noticed a “Hmm. We can’t find that page” notice from MSN Groups. I emailed MSN Groups tech support twice to find out what was the problem.

I finally got a response today.

This is part of it:

**Please be informed that the said Group, “ThunderbirdsWorld,” is no longer available. I am sorry to hear about this though I cannot determine more specifically than that as to why the Group was deleted.**

We did not get any notices telling us we were in violation of the TOS, nor were we inactive. I know I didn’t delete the group, and I very much doubt that Amy or one of the other assistant managers did. My suspicion is: we were hacked. I have another email in to MSN Groups help to see if this could be the case. But nevertheless, Thunderbirds World is no more.


I cannot believe that someone would have done this to us. I’m certain that whoever did it, got in through either Amy’s screen name or mine because of my “demotion” to assistant manager. Only a manager can do that to another manager.  My screen name is now safe; I’ve changed the password. And since Amy never came near IR:TNP, that should be safe enough as well. Besides, I’m pickier about who gets in there and who doesn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucie didn’t have something to do with it.


In any case, I have an email in to Amy, forwarding the response I got from MSN groups. I’m sure she’ll be shocked, but she’s moved beyond it now, and probably won’t take it hard. If we have TOS notices show up in the next couple of days, I will be royally angry. With the way MSN groups’ notices have been showing up from the various websites — ie: very late — I wouldn’t be surprised if something went astray.


More as I hear it.


Article by Tikatu

Tikatu is the long-time alter-ego of L.D. Bennett. She enjoys cat naps, head bumps, and regaling the world with the further adventures of International Rescue.