An unusual and quiet day

The Hubby broke a tooth some time ago, and late last week, another piece broke off, making it difficult for him to talk. The remaining sharp edge bothered his tongue and the inside of his cheek. So yesterday I tracked down a dentist who was taking new patients (ended up being an out-of-insurance-plan doctor as we only have three on our list right now, one of whom does only braces, the second of whom is not taking new patients, and the third is out of town). The appointment was for 9:30, and Hubby called in sick, a nearly unheard of occurance. So, he went off while I was still asleep and he was still gone when I got up. In fact, he ended up being at the dentists for 3 hours! It was supposed to be just an evaluation of the situation, but they ended up taking out the entire tooth right then and there.
So, instead of possibly going in to work, he stayed home, gauze in his mouth as padding, prescriptions of antibiotic and painkiller to take (it must have been pretty infected) and an antibiotic mouth rinse to use. So far, the painkiller hasn’t made him drowsy, which is good in a way – means he’ll be going back to work tomorrow. Not that I’d begrudge him another sick day; he takes so few as it is.
The kids were home from school for a teacher’s workday; they’ll be back at the grind tomorrow, too. Then quiet again. I like it when my family is home as long as the kids can refrain from pestering/fighting. But I like being on my own, too.