Whoo Hoo!

I just got my order from FABGearUSA! The 40th anniversary Thunderbirds soundtrack, and a set of 8 movie pencils. I’ve sharpened the pink one (man, that eraser is day-glo pink!) and put it in my pencil cup! Guess what I’ll be listening to on the way to pick up the kiddies? No ABBA for us this afternoon.
Overtures 15 is almost ready… I’m not sure where to break the introduction of Lou to Penelope, but Lou is feeling rather threatened and overwhelmed by the thought of Penny showing up. We’ll see how things go.
Also, I went to eBay and did a “Buy It Now” on a 1993 annual with a CD-ROM game, “Operation Volcano”. I can hardly wait to see what this is all about. I figure that even if I can’t play the game, I can get some nice artwork screencaps or something (I hope). We’ll see when it comes.
Off to get the kids in a few minutes, back in an hour!