I hate writer’s block

One of my reviewers said she wanted to see some action… so I thought I might write another rescue at this point in Overtures. Somehow, it’s not working.
I had three different scenarios that I had mentioned in one of the previous chapters, and somehow, not one of them are shaping up as good rescues. I thought that a “look for a lost family in an African national park” would work, but the park I chose is very small, and too much time has passed. The research I’ve done doesn’t indicate any place where the missing family could really be that they wouldn’t be found by the locals.
One of the scenarios was a sea base needing evacuation, but I had WASP in there already and I couldn’t figure out exactly how TB4 could help that WASP couldn’t. I suppose I could do a “rescue the rescuers” but again, what can TB4 do that WASP can’t, especially seeing as they are on the scene?
As far as I can see, my two options are these: go back and write what I was going to (if I can remember it, that is) or come up with another rescue. At this point, the rescue would be easier… if I could think of one.
On top of all this, I have two plot bunnies hopping through my head. One of them I’ve already outlined so I don’t forget the main details. The other has nothing to do with TBs at all, but Sky High, which I watched yesterday with the family. It’s one of the many DVDs that we got for Christmas. I don’t know if I can follow up on it, but we’ll see.
Christmas was very, very nice. The Girl and I went to the midnight service at church, then the whole family went to the morning service on Christmas itself. Ended up taking communion twice within 12 hours. My bro and SIL and their girl came up and joined us for dinner. We had ham, and I made sweet potato casserole, pineapple sauce, and corn. My SIL brought scalloped potatoes and birthday cake so we could celebrate Boy #2’s 10th birthday (can’t believe it’s been 10 years since that special Christmas). I had made three kinds of fudge for gifts and for Hubby to take to work with him on Saturday. There’s lots of that left, I’m afraid. But it was a very nice holiday with no fights or distasteful incidents. Comfortable, though we did miss having the parents here.
Well, back to thinking so I can actually write something. I hate it when writing is a chore.