Whew! What a day!

The freezing rain is finally gone.
It’s been raining all day, a freezing rain that has coated the trees and grass with ice. Branches kept falling on the house, sounding like thunder and scaring the cats. The kids were home from school, driving each other crazy. We went outside after one of those noisy incidents expecting a huge branch that had fallen not just on the roof, but through it. But it turned out to be a relatively small one and that most of the noise was from the ice sliding off into the driveway. While we were out, we cut off a branch from a neighbor’s tree (with permission) that was hanging in the road.
We were more fortunate than a lot of folks; we had power all day long and still have it. My bro and SIL still don’t. They have a working fireplace and a gas grill, so they feel that they’ll be okay. Hubby actually got back earlier than expected; one of the streets he delivers to was pretty much impassable from branches across the road. He did a part of someone else’s route and watched whole trees fall over at an apartment complex, very close to where he was standing. Scary stuff! And school is already cancelled for tomorrow as well.
The Girl has scoliosis. The doctor said there was a 17 degree curvature to her spine, whatever that means. So we’ve been referred to an orthopedist. I’m not sure what will be happening, how the orthopedist would treat the problem, but it must be treated.
Working on Overtures 15 and it’s going slowly. But I should start on a plot bunny that I got while visiting fanficrants. It’s written down in a file, and needs fleshing out. I also need to do some research for Overtures. I hadn’t thought at first of bringing in a rescue at this point, but it looks like I am going to.
Yuck! The house now smells like burned popcorn, courtesy of my husband, who is watching an Abbott and Costello movie. Oh well. Maybe I’ll make that fudge and fill the house up with the sweet smell of chocolate.