Sigh. I’ve given up on NaNoWriMo

At least for this year. Despite my kids (especially the Girl) pushing me to write, I just had too much on my plate with the parents coming and the holiday and all. So, next year I’ll find something new to write about. I hope to work on this other fic little by little and complete it; it’s probably a clichéed premise by now, but it would be fun to put my own spin on it.
The visit with my folks has been good, really good. I’ve had time with them just by myself, which was nice, and they’ve eaten here a couple of times. For Thanksgiving, we went out to eat and had dessert at the SIL’s house. I ate some of her pumpkin cheesecake (it rocks!) and some pie as well and basically went over the wall in a big way. But it was a holiday, and those don’t come every week.
Today the parents came over and did laundry, and we had a nice chat while waiting for the dryer and washer to finish. The boys were the only kids home; the Girl is at the SIL’s house until Sunday (we had the Niece over Tuesday and Wednesday nights). On Sunday, we’ll go down to the Bro’s house and celebrate the SIL’s and Mom’s birthdays, both of which are in early December. Monday, everything will be back to normal, and my parents will fly back to Boston. We miss them a lot, and Dad is already talking about this being the last trip they make down here since Mom is having such trouble getting around due to the arthritis in her knees.
The house is relatively clean and I want it to stay that way, so we’ve signed contracts with the kids, outlining what they will do for allowance. I’ve already seen the dishwashing go by the wayside, partially because they aren’t keeping track of whose “night” it is, and partially because we’ve had dinner so late. There’s still more cleaning to do, especially in the bedrooms and come Monday, I’m back on Flylady. Fifteen minutes a day will put me on the road to cleaning and keeping my house clean.
Enough for now. More as the muse moves.