Well, I’ve finally updated….

Both of my fanfics are updated. I updated three chapters of Overtures and one of The White Winds. Now maybe my NaNo muse will get to work and inspire me. The Girl keeps pestering me about it, especially since she drew a dragon for my story.
It’s a tad difficult at the moment, though, since my parents are coming for Thanksgiving this weekend and I have a lot of housecleaning left to do. The kids helped a whole lot this past weekend, but there’s still so much to do. And I don’t think I’ll have too much time to write while they’re here.
Had an interesting go round with Miz Sam at Thunderbirds World last week. She took offense at my friend Hobbeth’s opinion on the subject of homosexual pairings in Thunderbirds. Well, not really at Hobbeth’s opinion, but the reason why she has the opinion: she’s a Christian. Miz Sam didn’t like the fact that Hobbeth used her faith as a basis for her opinion and basically called her (very politely and differently worded) a bigoted, homophobic, ignorant, brainless sheep.
I closed the thread after Miz Sam’s first post, taking her to task for her personal attack on Hobbeth, and said I’d pull the thread if there was any other comment made. But she just wouldn’t stop. So I took the argument to email and did as I promised I would.
I don’t understand why Samantha Winchester believes that her anger at “intolerance and hatred” (neither of which Hobbeth displayed) entitles her to call people names. If she had kept her post on topic, and made her points in the context of the thread, that was one thing. I would have let that stand. But she didn’t.
Well, enough for now. Hubby will be calling momentarily and I’d better be ready to get offline and take the call.
More later as the muse moves.

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