Autumn is upon us!

 Cheating here, cross posting from my live journal. 

Cold night, cool day. No school for the kids so they played outside for most of it.  Hubby has turned the furnace on to see if the pilot light remained on during the summer. (It has.) Now to wait for things to warm up a bit in here.

My parents called to ask if it would be better for them to come down at Thanksgiving or Christmas. They’re bringing a couple of chairs down to my mom’s old boss, and since they want to transport them in their pickup truck, it looks like Thanksgiving. Gives me less than a month to get the house in some semblance of order. The kids helped clean in the living room today while I tried to clear some of the detrius off my desk. There’s a lot to do! Time to go back to FlyLady!

The men in the family are now shorn, though I think the stylist didn’t quite take enough off of Hubby’s moustache. The boys look good, which is necessary for Boy #1’s picture this week. I’ve got to send in money to purchase the Girl’s picture (which didn’t come out too badly), and Boy #1’s picture (have to pay for it before I see it, which I don’t like). Boy #2 has had his taken and we’re waiting for the results. My parents have been asking for an updated family picture, too, so we’re doing the church pictorial directory. I think Boy #2 was five or so last time we had it done, so it’s past time.

Need to work on Overtures Ch 10 some more. I’m not pleased with the conversation between Scott and Virgil, and I’ve had a bit of brainstorm for an Alan/Tin-Tin bit. And the fact that I haven’t worked on The White Winds for days is rather nagging at me. I keep getting ideas for my NaNoWriMo story; I have to remember to write them down!

I’m beginning to feel the warmth coming from the vent above me and to my right, and can smell the scent of burning dust that goes along with it at the start of the heating system. They say our fuel bills will be going up by 50%; that’s just too much! If we need to, I’ll do what we did with the AC this summer; purchase smaller electric heaters for each room. Electricity might just be the cheaper way to go this winter.

More later if the muse moves

Article by Tikatu

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