New glasses… for two of us.

I picked up my new specs today. They are progressive lenses, which means I have to “point my nose at what I want to see” for distances, and drop my eyes but not my head when I want to read. Hopefully it will make reading what I write online easier.
We also ordered and got new lenses for the Girl, putting them in her old, still stylish frames. She’s been complaining about not seeing the overhead projections and her prescription had changed enough to warrant the new lenses. She was very happy; said that she could see clearly again once she got them on.
Lost the Hubby for a bit this evening. He called home for a ride while we were still at the mall, and I didn’t know about it until I got home from the second trip out looking for him. I think we crossed paths on my second trip to the library; he said he was probably using the bathroom when I arrived that time. Fortunately, the third time was the charm and we found him in the AV section, prowling around. It was so late that we ate out; the reason I went to the mall directly after school was so we wouldn’t eat there. A&W/Long John Silver’s was less expensive but even more carbs I think. Next time I’m there, I’ll order the baked cod. If I had seen it on the menu…. oh well.
Wrote a little bit more on Overtures. I have three RPs to write for, too; I think I’ll make that a priority for tomorrow. I’ve removed the link to this blog from my profile.
Thanks Rainey, for sticking up for me. I hope my explanation wasn’t too convoluted.