You may have noticed a couple of things missing…

Like my blog entry of the 9th and the two “comments” attached to them.
It seems that a person can’t write to their personal blog without running the risk of being flamed into the next county. It also seems that people have been “monitoring” me to see what I’m up to. As a result, I’ve had to limit my blog to those of whom who I can count on as friends.
It’s sad, really. I do have issues with Ms. Winchester, mostly because of her history of ranting on public forums and the elitist attitude I saw and heard coming from her and her friends in the days when I was a  member at TIWF. That’s what TIC was supposed to be about: a place for only the best TBs fanfiction, for the elite writers and stories, as decided by Ms. Winchester. 
Enough about it. I’ll be adding to my “allow” list as I see who is missing from it, and will try to actually change this over to private, with only those in my address book given access to the blog. I’ll also be making my LJ private, too, or at least I’ll be posting as private. That will be difficult because I’m not sure how it works.
Now that I’ve made this decision, maybe I can get back to writing.