Oh, what a miserable morning….

At least, as far as this cold is concerned. Woke up with both sinus passages solidly blocked and they stayed that way, not giving up much more than a drop or two of mucus until after I got myself a cup of coffee. The mucus is still clear, which may mean that this isn’t a cold at all but a worsening of my allergies. Just what I need….
Started The White Winds chapter 15 the other day, and Overtures chapter 8 last night. TWW is fine, though I’m not sure where to go from here. I’ll probably be revising Overtures, I don’t know that I’m exactly pleased with it.
Got into fanfictionrants at Live Journal; I think I’m hooked! And I’ve also found the flip side, which is fanfiction discussion. Dunked my big toe in the water at both places.
The Girl is feeling a little happier about geometry; she got her first 100 on a quiz and is getting a better grasp on the material. Had the conference with Boy #2’s teacher yesterday. His PACT and ITBS scores were excellent, and she’s trying to do what she can to challenge him. For our part, we’re going to try and get him to bed earlier, or at least on time, to forestall the emotional outbursts she’s been seeing. Boy #1 got his laptop from the school and has been working on it a lot, especially in the car when we pick up the Girl from school. It’s rather cool but has had a few bugs in the system that have frustrated him. The fact that it has no disk drive is also a minus; he was hoping to finally be able to play Zoo Empire.
Hubby has route inspection and mail count all week this week. He didn’t get off work until 6 last night because he had to deliver everything and couldn’t cut the bulk. I think this week will open a few eyes with the powers that be in the USPS; our zones are way too understaffed, and some of the routes (like Hubby’s) are far too long in the street.
Well, better satisfy the tiger growling in my belly. More later if the muse moves.