October 2005

We’ve hardly had any trick or treaters come to our door tonight and we bought lots and lots of candy to give out. I’m afraid that the kids will be […]

The thermostat on the heater hasn’t been working for the past couple of days, so I reset the stupid thing this evening and now it’s working! All day long it was in […]

Hubby’s father called yesterday evening and told us he’d gotten the poetry book with Boy #1’s poem in it. Then he talked for a bit with the Girl (the boys […]

Son #2’s school has quarterly “award” ceremonies where they give out certificates for perfect attendance, citizenship, and the two honor rolls (A/B and All A). The local Kiwanis club also […]

 Cheating here, cross posting from my live journal.  Cold night, cool day. No school for the kids so they played outside for most of it.  Hubby has turned the furnace […]

We just received our copies of The Teacher’s Selection Anthology of Poetry. This particular book focuses on fifth graders’ poetry and our volume contains poetry from across the southeast, from […]

I picked up my new specs today. They are progressive lenses, which means I have to “point my nose at what I want to see” for distances, and drop my […]

Saw my GP yesterday and got prescriptions for a powerful decongestant and an antibiotic since this sinus thing was heading into infection territory. The decongestant has made a BIG difference […]