I like Walmart!

Hubby gave me permission to buy myself some new clothes as a lot of my old ones are just hanging on me. The shorts I wore yesterday kept wanting to slip down and off. So I went to Walmart today with the hopes of buying some new button-and-fly jeans.
Well, I got two pairs of stretch denim jeans, one by Just My Size and one by Faded Glory, plus a pair of stretch twill capris! I was so excited! I even found a new leather belt on clearance that fit! But the best part was the shirts. I picked out two that were my usual size and went to try them on. They were TOO BIG! I had to go back and find the next SMALLER size, and even those are roomy! I bought three. The kids, especially the Girl, said I look thinner now that I have clothes that fit better. I have to agree.
Got chapter 13 of The White Winds up today after a beta by Liz, who wrote a note to TracyLOVER to chastise her for her so-called review.  I noticed that TL took me off her list of favorite authors and my story off her list of favorites, too. I wondered what took her so long!  She also took off some other authors, which makes me think that she got more fallout and flack about her antics than she wanted, or that I’m aware of. Now all I have to do is tell Rain about TL, and she’ll have to take Rain off her list, which will basically give her no favorite stories anymore. TL has no idea the crap she stepped into when she did what she did. I do have friends in the fandom, and more than that, there’s a cadre of writers who would agree with my assessment of the story in question.
Well, enough about the PWP for now. I have to begin work on Overtures 6 and I don’t know why I’m being so hesitant about it. I know what I have to do and the ground I have to cover. It’s just getting it started that’s the trouble.
And I had a little discussion with the Girl about some of the characters I was trying to create for my possible magic fiction. She wants to draw them and put a bio beside them! So we talked about them, but the characters aren’t totally fleshed out in my head… yet. Maybe some more writing will help me to get them down pat. The problem is that I’m not exactly plowing virgin ground here. When we were talking, Hubby brought up at least two characters that are already out there in comic book land who do the same things that two of my characters do! Oh crumbs!
More as the muse moves.
A further note about TracyLOVER: I was thumbing through Classic Thunderbirds Showcase to see if any of our featured authors had gotten new reviews from being showcased and ran across a flame in one of Claudette’s works. It was anonymous and much more polite than the one I got, but on checking through both TracyLOVER’s and Virgil’s Grl’s reviews (the two of them being the most likely to have made some complaint), I found the review Claudette had left in one of TracyLOVER’s stories. It was nowhere near as blunt as mine, but was definitely constructive criticism. So, of course, Claudette was removed from the list, if she was on it in the first place. This girl thinks she knows everything there is to know about Thunderbirds… but she’s wrong. Very, very wrong. She thinks that those of us who write prolifically have no life. Personally, I think she’s the one who has no life. And she is making herself more and more enemies by the minute.

Article by Tikatu

Tikatu is the long-time alter-ego of L.D. Bennett. She enjoys cat naps, head bumps, and regaling the world with the further adventures of International Rescue.