Boy, make a legitimate comment and you open a can of worms.

Made the very big mistake of reading something by “TracyLOVER” on today, and gave my honest opinion, which is that it was PWP, Porn Without Plot (or sometimes known as “Plot? What Plot?”). This got me a snarky so-called “review” on The White Winds, which I made the huge mistake of replying to in email.  She emailed me back. Talk about venom! Couldn’t write a sentence without a four-letter word, said she’d tear out my eyeballs and feed them to her snake. I was very tempted to reply, tell her that I’d feed her snake to my cats, but… she’s not worth my time, not to read or reply to.  The word that came to mind was, “immature”. She obviously thinks the world of herself and her fiction, and has a very thin skin, which isn’t surprising. Most of the kids on the site do.
Chapter 13 of The White Winds is underway and going well.  Saw the neurologist today and got refills on my scrips and everything is pretty much status quo there. The neuropathy has spread up my left leg a little more, but seems to be the same on my right. I was surprised when one of his pin pricks on my right foot actually felt sharp, but I know that there are live areas still lurking around down there. It’s a matter of finding them. He wasn’t surprised by the diabetes. But I did feel that the visit was a bit rushed. I was out within twenty minutes or so, all things considered. They’ve lost quite a few doctors at that practice; there were only two names I recognized of the four listed. There used to be seven or eight.
More as the muse moves.

Article by Tikatu

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