The dam broke!

Chapter 5 of Overtures is up, but also Chapter 12 of The White Winds, which is actually better because things were flowing again. I had struggled all week with those two chapters and today, chapter 12 just poured out. It felt good to get underway again.
Been looking into zines as a means of publishing my work. I joined a Yahoo group dedicated to it and asked if there were any Thunderbirds zines out there. Maybe I’ll get an answer. These people write on Live Journal and I checked it out. Also checked out a couple of TB sites, one in particular had a LOT of NC-17 slash stuff on it and it almost turned my stomach. I didn’t read any of the junk, just looking at titles and descriptions was more than enough.
I sent off a warning to a plagiarist on, telling her that if she didn’t remove the fic (or the song she plagiarized) I’d report her. I am soooo sick (as is darkhelmetj, who  brought out the fact that the girl was plagiarising) of people doing that. This girl has talent, but she’s got a few things to learn about writing. I hope she learns them sooner rather than later.
Time for bed. School again tomorrow and I’d like to tarry in bed with the Hubby if I can. More later if the muse moves.