Six Days!

It has taken six days for Chapter 5 of Overtures to be completed and posted. I can’t believe that it’s taken that long! But my brain isn’t as focused on it as it was on Masquerade. I have gotten some of chapter 12 of The White Winds written, but not a lot. I did come up with an interesting solution to the problem; I hope it passes muster.
Payday was yesterday and I did go shopping for groceries. I still have stuff to get, but it shouldn’t be too much more. Bought a bathroom scale and found out it didn’t work. The weight it gave me was flattering, but not accurate and I want accuracy.
My SIL gave me an ABBA Greatest hits album. I’ve been listening to it all week. Talk about a walk down memory lane! Whew!
Time for bed, really. I’ll post more as the muse moves.