Getting a trickle

And I don’t mean rain from now Tropical Storm Katrina, who is supposed to give us some rain this evening. I mean creative trickle, one that sort of dried up in the middle of the rescue scene I wrote for The White Winds. The chapter ended up being very, very short, and I had to rewrite the beginning of it when betareader Liz pointed out what could have been a pretty massive gaffe on my part. Whew! I’m glad she’s my betareader!
Still, I managed to squeeze out enough from my muse to write one or two posts for CIR, at least one for Thunderfan, one for IR:TNP and the chapter from The White Winds and one from Overtures. I promised to do one for our Magician RP, which I haven’t touched in months, so I’d better get going on it. Maybe it will distract me from my feet, which have been predicting Katrina’s arrival since the wee hours of this morning.
More as my muse moves (and as the site allows).
Update: Did the Magician post, and also put up a layout of Wharton as I envision it. It’s at my photobucket account.