Familiar, yet unfamiliar

School started today. The kids were up bright and early, and were ready, dressed, with breakfast eaten, lunches made, bright eyed and bushy tailed… by 7 a.m. I couldn’t take Boy #2 to school until 7:30, so we waited around (I checked my email and reviews) and at the dot of 7:30, he was out the door.
So I took them to school. Dropping Boy #2 of was fine (other than idiots parking in the car line). He got off at his school every day. Very familiar.
Then on to the middle school. Familiar route, familiar going around the block to the drop off point. But… here’s where it got weird. The wrong child got out!
Not really; it was Boy #1, who was supposed to be there. But all year long last year, it was his sister that got out and passed in front of the car. To stop and have him get out instead of her really struck me as strange… my familiar routine had suddenly become unfamiliar. It was like I did a double take on life as it shifted around me.
Then, off to the high school. Yes, this was new and unfamiliar, but because it was new and unfamiliar I didn’t have the same sense of my world being rocked like I had at the middle school. The Girl fussed about being three minutes early and though she told me that all t-shirts were supposed to be tucked in (and she tucked in hers, as ludicrous as I thought it looked) not one other student had theirs tucked in. I just shake my head at her sometimes. I told her that if she wanted to be on time instead of early she’d have to take it up with littlest brother; he was the one who wanted out and off to school so early this morning.
So there are adjusments to be made in the following days. Hubby did catch the bus this morning, for which I was thankful, though even if he didn’t we would have had plenty of time to get him to work and the kids to school. I stopped by Chick-Fil-A for a couple of sausage breakfast burritos and a cup of their much improved coffee. Wish I had called Dragonlady to have breakfast with me; I’ve lost touch with her and now we’ve got kids in the same school again. Maybe later this week, a bit closer to pay day.
The White Winds 10 went up last night as did Overtures 2. Found out that ff.net doesn’t allow quotation marks in their summaries or chapter titles. I might see if I can fudge it and use two apostrophes, that would suffice.
But today I enjoy an empty house and get some work done around here, particularly in the area of folding clothes!