Make that 16 in 19

Wrote a chapter of The White Winds last night. Not a long one, by any means, but a chapter nonetheless. It was fun, actually. I had Alan getting dressed while trying to talk with Jeff and giving Jeff’s impressions as he looked at the video screen. Posted it in the wee hours of the morning, so I’m bushed. I’m going to eat breakfast and go back to bed pretty quick here. Just had a review pop up on it, too.
Hey, I just realized. With last night’s chapter, I wrote two in one day! Chapter 37 of Masquerade and chapter 8 of The White Winds.
Becks is not going to be happy; someone has stolen the title for her story! Well, I can’t really say stolen; after all, it’s not like Becks started posting hers. But she will have to find something else. The story that’s using the title is soooo lame, too. I wish, really wish, that some of these kids would just sit back and enjoy what the older generation is writing, but then again, there are members of the older generation that don’t write well either, and if the younger doesn’t practice then they won’t get better at the craft. I guess the real problem that I see is that the younger generation thinks its stuff is just fine the way it is and won’t take constructive criticism. Not even on mechanical issues such as spelling and word usage.
Enough. I’m hungry and sleepy and need to take care of myself. The water is supposed to have been turned off by now. I took my friend’s advice and have filled the tub so we can dip out of it to flush the toilet. Lovely.
More as my muse moves… if she does today.