Just did the math…

and I’ve written 13 chapters on Masquerade in 17 days. Starting with chapter 23 on July 28 and going to chapter 35 on August 13 ( posted on the 14th). Whew! My muse is panting for breath and pleading for sleep. I’ve started Chapter 36, and people are clamoring for The White Winds, so I’ve got to get back to that. Need to update again at IR:TNP also… but today, do some housework for a bit. Actually went to bed before eleven last night, that’s how pan fried my brain was.
I want to get the laundry and dishes all caught up before Wednesday because I just got a notice saying that they’ll be turning off the water to the street at 9 a.m. that day to work on the lines. At least this time, they gave us warning!
Back with more as my muse moves (if she does at all today).